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Collaboration with External Organizations

Trying to create new technologies through joint development with universities, companies, government agencies and other external research institutes.

We continuously strive to develop new technologies based on the know-how and experience cultivated through our two major businesses: production facilities business (for automobiles) and special vehicle production business. We are pursuing not only our specialized automobile-related new technologies such as self-driving cars and electric vehicles, but also new possibilities in other various fields, such as aerospace and robots, without being limited to a specific field.

With diversified businesses, Shinmei contributes to society, but the core technologies are common to all businesses. They include processing technology, design technology, and special auto components assembling/mounting technologies. These are Shinmei's original and leading technologies in Japan.

By linking, combining and deepening the various technologies that we have brushed up in various areas related to automobiles, we have begun to create new technologies.

Partners for joint development (example)
Toyota Motor CorporationAichi
Toyota CityNagoya University
Meijo UniversityChukyo University
Gifu UniversityNagoya Institute of Technology
National Institute of Technology, Toyota College