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Corporate History

Shinmei has been making progress with the development of the automobile industry.

Our company was established as Koromo Jidosha Co., Ltd. in 1949, and we began a partnership with Toyota Motor in the 1950s. Manufacturing production facilities (various conveyance devices) for Toyota automobile plants, we have accumulated our own technology, experience and know-how along with the development of Japanese automobile technology.

Shinmei Industry
Toyota Motor Corporation


Shinmei Industry
1949 December
Two companies, First Jidosha and Kamo Jidosha, were merged and renamed Koromo Jidosha Co., Ltd.


Shinmei Industry
1957 April
Started business with Toyota Motor and performed maintenance of vehicles used on the premises.
1959 January
Started manufacturing of various conveyors, transfer systems, and storage systems.
1959 November
Renamed Shinmei Industry Co., Ltd.
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. was established.
1953 January
Determined the policy of establishing a “pure domestic car.”
Motomachi Plant started operations.


Shinmei Industry
1961 May
Started manufacturing press dies.
1963 June
Established a specialized factory in Koromogahara, Toyota City (Toyota City industrial complex) to manufacture transfer equipment and press dies.
1964 April
Head office relocated to Koromogahara, Toyota City
1965 April
Based on the technical capabilities for various conveyors and transfer systems, we started the design and manufacturing of in-process automated/labor-saving equipment, automobile assembling machines, and special-purpose machines.
Toyota Motor Corporation
Publica was released.
Corona RT40 was released.
Start of Corolla production.
2000 GT was released.


Shinmei Industry
1970 September
Established the Maeda plant (now called “Center Maeda”) in Maeda-cho, Toyota City.
1971 May
Established the Chokoji plant (for manufacturing transfer systems and labor-saving equipment) in Chokoji, Toyota City.
1971 July
Established of Koyo Jidosha Co., Ltd.
1972 January
Establishment of Meishin Kosan Co., Ltd.
1974 February
Granted “Special Construction Business License” by the Aichi prefectural governor (for installation of machinery and equipment).
1979 April
Started design and manufacturing of stacker cranes.
Toyota Motor Corporation
Start of Celica Carina production.
Won the Japan Quality Control Prize.
Toyota Motor Nisshin Training Center completion
1974 September
Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall was opened.
1974 October
The Toyota Foundation was founded.
Toyota Kaikan was opened.


Shinmei Industry
1983 December
Established the Tahara plant in Tahara-cho, Atsumi-gun.
1984 May
Toyota Quality Management Award
1988 February
Started manufacturing and sale of rack sorters.
1989 April
Started sale of specially equipped vehicles and restored cars.
Toyota Motor Corporation
1982 July
Toyota Motor Company (TMC) and Toyota Motor Sales Company (TMS) merged to become TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION.
1986 January
Cumulative total of 50 million units of domestic production was achieved.
1986 July
Toyota automated guided vehicle system (AGV) was released.
1989 April
Toyota Automobile Museum was opened.


Shinmei Industry
1992 February
Established the Hokkaido Plant in Yuni-cho, Hokkaido.
1992 December
Started manufacturing and sale of engine chassis loaders (decking device).
1993 January
Won the Toyota Technology & Development Award (for the traffic cones removal vehicle).
Certified as a Toyota TECHNO SHOP
1996 June
Established Auto CS Engineering in Thailand (jointly with Toyota Motor East Japan Inc.).
1997 February
Established Antique Body Shop (a specialized factory for restoration of classic cars).
1998 January
Won the Toyota Technology & Development Award (for the press parts high-speed loading device).
1998 February
Established Industrial Tech Services in Kentucky, U.S.A. as an activity base in North America.
Toyota Motor Corporation
1994 June
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology was opened.
1996 September
Cumulative total of 90 million units domestic production was achieved.
1996 October
Newly developed neo-futuristic vehicle FCEV (Fuel Cell EV) equipped with fuel cells was announced.
1997 October
“Prius” (NHW 10 type) was announced. Prius was awarded not only “Japan Car of the Year” in 1997 and 1998, but also “North American Car of the Year 2004” and “European Car of the Year 2005.”
Tianjin Toyota Motor Engine Co., Ltd. started operations.
1999 October
Cumulative total of 100 million units domestic production was achieved.


Shinmei Industry
2001 June
Acquired ISO14001 certification.
2001 December
Acquired ISO9001 certification.
2002 February
Won the Toyota Technology & Development Award (for the modular type conveyors for assembly lines).
2003 September
Established the Tsutsumi plant in Tsutsumihonmachi, Toyota City.
2005 July
Established the Kyushu plant in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
2006 February
Won the Toyota Technology & Development Award (for high-precision vehicle confronting device).
2006 April
Moved the Hokkaido Plant to Tomakomai City, Hokkaido.
Toyota Motor Corporation
2001 February
New hybrid fuel cell vehicle was developed.
2002 July
Cumulative total of 10 million automobile units production in North America was achieved.
2002 November
A hybrid fuel cell passenger car was approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation.
2002 December
Limited sale of FCHV was started.
2008 April
Cumulative Prius sales exceeded 1 million units.
2009 August
Domestic and overseas sales of hybrid vehicles exceeded 2 million units.


Shinmei Industry
2011 October
Established Shinmei Tohoku Co., Ltd. in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.
2011 November
Established Tianjin Xinming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China.
2013 January
Added a precision workshop in the Chokoji plant site.
2013 February
Won the Toyota Technology & Development Award (for the expandable assembly line technology).
2014 June
Established SHINMEI Indonesia Office in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2016 October
Toyota Motor Corporation
Proving test on PHV was started in Tianjin, China.
2011 August
GTMC (China) achieved 1 million units of production.
2011 September
Proving test on PHV began in Tianjin, China.
2011 October
Began receiving orders for ‘Prius PHV’ (DLA-ZVW 35).
2014 November
New fuel cell car “MIRAI” was unveiled.