SHINMEI Industry

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Quality Policy

Basic Philosophy

By providing high-quality products and services, we shall aim to become an attractive specialized company with the business motto of “customer first.”

Quality Policy

This quality policy is consistent with our company policy.

  1. Customer satisfaction
    To achieve various customer requirements, we shall aim to become the industry's top company by integrating the individual capabilities of group member companies.
  2. Built-in quality at each process
    We shall provide high quality products and services trusted by customers through quality assurance at each production process.
  3. Quality assurance in new technology fields
    We shall aim for the highest quality in new technologies used for advanced automobile functions.

ISO 9001 certified department

Assembling facilities section December 2001 Certification acquired

Scope of ISO 9001 certificate

To ensure stable supply of products that can be used by customers safely, we have obtained certifications concerning the following business activities.

SHINMEI Industry, 3-20 Koromogahara, Toyota-shi, Aichi

Relevant establishment and territory

Establishment concerned Address Territory
Vehicle Assembling Division (Headquarters factory) 3-20 Koromogahara, Toyota-shi, Aichi Design, development and manufacture of assembling equipment for automobile production