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Safety Policy

Safety Policy

  • We shall create a safe workplace where we can work without worrying about any danger. To avoid injury to anyone, we shall not overlook any machine failure or potential incidents that have a high possibility of causing injuries. For that purpose, we are promoting a danger prevention, countermeasure and eradication campaign by holding KY meetings and conducting a risk level evaluation for the identification of hazardous factors.
  • We have eliminated all dangerous factors, achieving a “zero-accident and zero-risk” workplace.

Reinforcement of a “Safety First” concept and enhancement of employee and organizational safety awareness

Priority shall be given to “ensuring overall safety” during work, with the basic safety rules thoroughly followed.

  1. Building a foundation for new Safety and Health Management Systems (OSH-MS)
  2. Thorough implementation of basic safety and health rules ・Thorough implementation of work by managers and supervisors sticking to the basics ・Safety assurance on overseas projects ・Enhancement of supplier safety awareness
  3. Upgraded safety education for the new-generation of managers and supervisors