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Prototype development & support

As car experts, we support the development of vehicles of the near future.

In cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation, we make prototype vehicles and prototype parts. During prototype vehicle production at the R&D stage, we provide overall support in the development of a new automobile by installing components, remodeling vehicle bodies, and prototyping parts, etc.

Prototype development & support

Making a prototype vehicle

Installing components into the prototype vehicle We install new components, such as engines, underbody components and interior parts, and check fittings, etc.
Changing parts and remodeling vehicle bodies We can remodel the vehicle body as the need arises.

Making and installing prototype parts

Metalworking We can produce various kinds of metallic vehicle parts, including iron, aluminum, and alloys.
Resin molding We can make any kind of plastic vehicle part by using a 3D printer and other processing equipment.
Making wire harnesses Electric wiring