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Actively promoting industry-academia collaboration
and tie-ups with government agencies,
we always give our best effort to develop new technologies.

New challenges to create a new Shinmei a decade ahead

From the moment a new car is created with new technology until its life is over, Shinmei supports the entire life of the car by making full use of our own technological capabilities in various scenarios. Those capabilities cover a wide range of technologies, such as mechatronics, manufacturing, assembling, inspection, and automobile maintenance, which we have accumulated and cultivated in our long history. By making full use of all those technologies, we are challenging ourselves to develop leading-edge technology to create new business fields.

A new step toward the creation of a future of Shinmei

For Shinmei Industry to grow further in the next five or ten years, it is necessary to foresee and acquire R&D, manufacturing, and technological capabilities necessary in the future. For that purpose, we established a technical department. The development of existing technologies is always done by each business department, but some future products may require new technologies that are not available in Shinmei at present. The technical center is in charge of that. Continuing research and development on new technologies will play the role of opening up the future of Shinmei Industry.

Exploring new fields of technology we should aim at.

Aichi Prefecture is an area where the local governments encourage and emphasize the automobile, aircraft and robot industries. Based on the local government’s vision, the technical center will research and develop advanced technologies that are expected to become popular in the future. We take two approaches in our research and development. One is the further development of existing technologies, and the other is the development of entirely new technologies. Continuing the challenge of developing new technologies, we aim to develop a third major business following our facility business and automobile related business.

Strengthening collaboration with universities and government agencies

For the challenge of developing new technologies, there will be many things that we cannot accomplish on our own. Therefore, we emphasize collaborative research with external institutions or organizations. Through such relationships, we hope to learn about R&D methods from a new perspective to make new discoveries. Such collaborations are good opportunities for us to learn skills and knowledge that we cannot learn only through our existing businesses. Also, joint development through industry-academia collaboration can be utilized not only for new technology development, but also for further development of existing businesses and products. What we absorb and learn from such collaborations will be horizontally deployed across our company to become strengths for Shinmei Industry. We hope that such joint developments will lead to the growth of both external organizations and our company.

Developing technologies that can contribute to society of the future

We still do not have a clear picture of what kind of technologies will be needed in the future, but we have many dreams. One of these dreams is robots that can support people's lives. So far we have basically supported people "inside factories,” but in the future, we would also like to create technology that will help many people "inside their homes.” In the aging society of the future, there is a possibility that there will be a lot of people who cannot move around by themselves. It will be our great pleasure to provide technology that can help and comfort such people.