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Inspection Equipment

Excellent development ability with which various types of inspection equipment that ensures the quality of the most-advanced vehicles have been created.

We design, manufacture and assemble inspection equipment to check finished vehicles at inspection lines of automobile plants. Our inspection equipment, such as head lamp testers, alignment testers, brake testers and running testers, supports the quality of Toyota cars. In recent years, we have also been requested to design and develop the latest equipment for testing the advanced safety functions to be incorporated in state-of-the-art automobiles.


We take care of all devices and equipment used in inspection lines of Toyota Motor plants.

Automobile inspection process
Alignment Tester

Alignment Tester

To ensure safe traveling and prevent uneven tire wear, this is used to measure and adjust the orientation of the steering tires.

Drum Tester

Drum Tester

This is used to confirm safety during high-speed driving, check the speedometer and cruise control functions, and detect abnormal noise.

Head Lamp Tester

Head Lamp Tester

This is used to measure and adjust the optical axis of the headlamps and fog lamps to secure visibility at night and reduce glare to oncoming vehicles.

ICS Adjustment Device

This is used to measure and adjust ICS (intelligent clearance sonar) that is designed to prevent mistaking the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal when parking.

Steering Angle Tester

To secure turning safety and prevent uneven tire wear, this is designed to measure the tire turning angle.

Collision Avoidance Support System Inspection Device

This is used to measure and adjust the camera, millimeter wave radar, and infrared laser of the collision avoidance support system.

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  • Gifu Auto Body

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