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Logistics and Transport Systems

Development and proposals for logistics and transportation systems to meet individual customer's needs.

We produce material transfer conveyors that connect production machines in factories, or that form part of automated warehouses. In recent years, as a new initiative, we are also working on the development and manufacture of a next-generation production line where workers and robots can coexist.


Conveyor System

Transferring anything ranging from lightweight precision parts (semiconductors, wafers, etc.) to heavy components (engine ASSY* etc.). We design and manufacture various conveyor systems to solve individual problems in manufacturing processes. In addition, our conveyor systems can provide freely adjustable transfer speeds.

*ASSY…A unit combining multiple parts

AGV System

AGV System

We offer a wide range of automatic conveyance systems from a simple system with a single AGV (automated guided vehicle), which automatically moves back and forth between two production processes for automatic loading/unloading of parts, to more advanced systems, in which multiple AGVs are controlled by two or more stations. Therefore, we can respond to various kinds of material handling challenges.

Sorting & Picking Robots

Sorting & Picking Robots

By developing safe low-force robots, we are advancing towards collaboration between workers and robots. We are now developing a state-of-the-art safety device with a film sensor mounted on the external surface of a robot to stop its motion when there’s even light contact with a person.

Production Instruction System

We are establishing a quality control system that enables traceability* of a myriad of parts flowing through conveyors and various transfer systems used in the manufacturing and logistics fields. At various production sites, the system allows advanced quality control of parts to be performed.

*Traceability…Capability of tracking production records for individual parts. It enables records to be retained at individual stages of machining and assembling in the production line, and allows tracking of production history at any time.

Taking on the entire process of production of logistics and transfer systems to be used in Toyota Motor's production plants from design to installation.

For the engine production lines of Toyota Motor, we handle a full course of design, manufacturing, and installation of their material handling and transfer systems. We have sufficient technologies and know-how to make it possible to produce a total complex system. Moreover, we are always challenging ourselves to develop new technologies tailored to the needs of the times, while continually improving our existing technologies.

Delivery record

  • Toyota Motor Corporation(Honsha Plant, Motomachi Plant, Kamigo Plant, Miyoshi Plant, Myochi Plant, Shimoyama Plant, Kinu-ura Plant, Tahara Plant, Teiho Plant, Hirose Plant),
  • Denso Corporation,
  • Anden,
  • Toyota Industries Corporation,
  • Toyota Auto Body,
  • Aisin Seiki,
  • Toyota Motor East Japan,
  • Toyota Motor Kyushu,
  • Toyota Motor Hokkado,
  • Daihatsu Motor,
  • Subaru Corporation,
  • Isuzu Motors Limited,
  • Daihatsu Motor Kyushu,
  • JTEKT Corporation,
  • Primeearth EV Energy,
  • Yamaha Motor,
  • Akebono Brake Industry