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High-precision parts production equipment

Proposing high-precision parts production equipment that supports leading-edge monozukuri.

We have a Class 10,000 (cleanliness) cleanroom equivalent to those used in precision factories and medical institutions under a constant temperature environment to achieve micron-level accuracy. We are engaged in designing and manufacturing production equipment designed to produce high-precision parts that are essential for next-generation Japanese monozukuri (manufacturing based on highly skilled craftsmanship).

High-precision parts production equipment

We provide production facilities indispensable for manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles.

For Toyota Motor’s production plants, we are in charge of designing, manufacturing and assembling their production facilities that are used for production of state-of-the-art environmentally friendly vehicles such as EV, HV, and FCV. In the present age when automobiles have turned into “running semiconductors,” we provide leading-edge production facilities indispensable for manufacturing such key electronic parts as inverters, motors and batteries.

Shinmei's production equipment for precision machining

Precision machining plant

Machining room / Inspection room
Multi-tasking machine tools
CNC vertical jig borer
Coordinate measuring machine (double-column type)
Inspection room
Inspection room
Assembling room

Class 10,000 (cleanliness) cleanroom

*Level of cleanliness is equivalent to operating rooms and ICUs (intensive care unit) in the medical field.


Delivery record

  • Toyota Motor Corporation(Honsha Plant, Motomachi Plant, Kamigo Plant, Miyoshi Plant, Myochi Plant, Shimoyama Plant, Kinu-ura Plant, Tahara Plant, Teiho Plant, Hirose Plant),
  • Denso Corporation,
  • Anden,
  • Toyota Industries Corporation,
  • Toyota Auto Body,
  • Aisin Seiki,
  • Toyota Motor East Japan,
  • Toyota Motor Kyushu,
  • Toyota Motor Hokkado,
  • Daihatsu Motor,
  • Subaru Corporation,
  • Isuzu Motors Limited,
  • Daihatsu Motor Kyushu,
  • JTEKT Corporation,
  • Primeearth EV Energy,
  • Yamaha Motor,
  • Akebono Brake Industry